International Medium Author and Visionary
Joanne has had the privilege of reading for thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life, all over the world . All her work is from recommendation and the majority of people she reads for make repeat bookings. Joanne’s reputation for accuracy, caring and her very strict confidentiality policy has brought her many celebrity clients from Hollywood, TV, Film and the Music Industry.
Joanne is an extremely gifted
clairaudient Medium.

Despite this she tried to ignore her gift during her childhood and teens, not really understanding that the regular strange occurrences she was experiencing were in fact signs of spirit presence. It was in her late twenties, after a particularly painful, personal experience that she began to search for her purpose in life. She then chose to acknowledge her gifts, and began to accept that there was far more to her than she could have ever imagined. Joanne’s pilgrimage towards understanding her gift, the spirit world and the Universe has brought her knowledge that raises her above others in this field. Her sought after ‘one to one’ readings provide accurate prediction and genuine contact with loved ones from the spirit world. Joanne’s audience work is quickly growing in popularity and some venues have been sold out in days.

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Joanne Gregory Medium and Clairvoyant