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Are you a limited or a limitless person? Whatever your answer, you were created limitless, part of the intelligent energy that created our entire universe. Whatever we call this energy, most of us believe that there’s something out there of immeasurable greatness, a Source of all that is. As we are part of it, it follows that we too have no limits. This energy, the universe and its inhabitants are all part of one magnificent whole. We are so closely connected that the evolution of each one of us has a direct impact on the evolution of the whole of our species.

This idea is born from an equal mix of spiritual teachings and science, and physicists can now prove many of the things we already ‘believed’ to be real. At one time, we all knew that we were an important part of the universe and I think we have simply forgotten that this is so. We have distanced ourselves from this energy, and now we must earn our way back.

It’s almost as if our race has been sleeping and it’s time to wake up and see clearly who we are and what we have to do while we are here. There is, however, some urgency in this now. In fact, it is crucial that we take the next step of our evolution and do so as soon as possible. One of the most important things we should do in this lifetime is to move steadily step-by-step back to a reconnection with our Source. We will have to learn again the language of the universe and be, to the best of our ability, the spiritual beings that we really are.

There is a great deal of preparation needed to make this evolutionary transition. Even so, this great journey that we are undertaking doesn’t have to be tough because we each have the greatest support system imaginable. No matter how lonely or lost we may feel, we are always supported and loved and everything we need is available to us. If we feel separated from this guidance system, then we are the ones who have created the distance; but by choosing to access that which is available to us, we let the magic begin. After all, the universe loves us and wants to help. All we need to do is ask.

We are part of the whole and what happens to us affects the whole so it follows that the universe will take care of every last one of us, every step of the way, because we are as important as the universe itself. After all, it makes perfect sense. You would not send one of your young children out into the world without some support and expect them to survive without first teaching them how to fend for themselves; even after doing so, you would always keep an eye on them. That’s exactly the way it is with the universe.

The patterns we follow here on Earth are universal patterns and as you connect to your purpose you will see how evident that is, everywhere. ‘As above, so below.’ So, if we are loved, guided and cared for, and if we can achieve anything and have anything along the way, why are very few of us able to say that we are happy? I think that, through ignorance, many of us have created blockages between our Source and ourselves so the love that we crave has to fight against huge odds to reach us. Before we can commence our evolution, we have to put this life right; this life is the preparation, or education, for our evolution and I’m afraid we’ve been sleeping in class… The purpose of this book is to help you to recognise these blockages and remove them. Through the following chapters you will be reminded of how simple it is to work hand in hand with the universe and to navigate the easiest and most enjoyable route.

“…it’s time to wake up and see clearly who we are and what we have to do…”