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Happy New Year

Hello everyone and a very happy new year to you all.

Here we are another January, another New Year (for which I am very grateful) and another set of promises to ourselves that we may or may not keep. What really makes us set these goals? Everywhere you look you’re asked to get fit, shed the Christmas pounds and make resolutions to make yourself different somehow. Maybe it is this fresh, unspoilt year laid out in front of us that makes us want to do better? Maybe it makes us want to avoid the mistakes of previous years and be more perfect this time.

Still, like Groundhog Day, each year we wind up here, in another January, doing and saying the same thing. I don’t want to negate the power of a fresh start, but what if we don’t need to wait till January; what if every day is our fresh start day? Come to that, what if every second is our fresh start moment? And how’s this for a concept? What if, with our 2017 resolutions in the bin and our Christmas pounds in tact, we are prefect just the way we are? The Universe definitely thinks so!

I know, without doubt, that the universe wants us to have everything. I know that if we raise our frequency through joy and gratitude, and we learn to use the tools that we were born with to manifest our dreams into reality, we can have everything. The only reason we don’t get everything, and the reason every January we try to rectify that, is because we simply don’t love ourselves. It is in my opinion, the main reason we have any deficits in our lives at all. I believe we can trace every problem and everything missing in our life back to the absence of self-love, self-worth or self-value. Added to this profound truth, very few of us are contented with what we already have; which makes the whole thing a lot worse. Let me clarify.
First let’s take a look at the most common of resolutions made at this time every year. We want to lose weight. We want to stop smoking. We want to get fit. It’s not the resolutions that show lack of self-love, it’s the reason that we want these things that show how much we care about ourselves. So, why do we want to do those things?

One would hope that it is because we think we really do need to lose weight, exercise and stop smoking or our health will suffer. Often though, that is the last reason. We want to look better and to feel better in order to fit in, be accepted, feel good enough, find a mate or even to match up to the models we see in magazines. We measure ourselves and our value on how beautiful we look on the outside, as opposed to how beautiful we really are inside.

We forget that we are not just our external shell. Our body is just the vessel that houses the precious spirit, the true essence of who we are. Our spirit is a part of the creative force that made everything around us. It is divine, perfect and beautiful and it can work miracles every day. We are magnificent and yet we often loathe ourselves rather than see this magnificence. We think, everyone else is better, happier and more blessed than us. This is obviously not true. We are perfect and if we believed that everything we do that distances us from our happiness would stop.

It is also vitally important that we don’t just discard our shell though; we have to treat this amazing form of transport, with equal respect. It’s like any other vehicle we could think of. Take for example, an Aston Martin. We’ve used our life savings to buy one and it’s a beauty. It needs petrol, oil and a regular service. It needs to move. It needs to be cleaned and cared for. It’s valuable and we know if we don’t give it what it needs it won’t work and our investment is down the pan. We would never forget petrol and oil and stick a chocolate bar in the tank instead. We wouldn’t expect it to stay reliable if we never took it for a spin and just let it seize up?

Our real vehicle, our body, is the same. It needs minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, protein and some carbs in the right amounts to work. It needs to be clean and cared for and it needs to move regularly to serve us well during our time on this planet. Why would we omit the fuel and just stick a chocolate bar in it and expect it to get to the end of the street if we wouldn’t expect our Aston Martin to do so. If well cared for vintage Aston Martins are as beautiful now as they were when they were new, and even more valuable, the same goes for our body. Cared for bodies stay beautiful and practical for so many more years than we might think. We are not obsolete after 50 years like everything else in this throw away era.

If we realise first of all that we are divine and valuable we will take the required care of ourselves every day and not just in January. Then if we care for our body like we would care for our prestige car we will be able to enjoy all the wonderful physical experiences being alive offers.

So if you are deciding to do anything this month why not practice believing you are awesome – because you are.

Much love always
Jo x